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2 to 5 November 2017
14 th Specialized Exhibition of INFEX2017

    Iranian economy recovered, following two years of recession and is to hit the real GDP growth to 6.7% in 2017 after sanctions, according to the World Bank.

    The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors of the Iranian economy, accounting about 11% of GDP, 23% of the employed population and 15% of the foreign exchange revenues from nonoil exports.

    Isfahan province in center of Iran, is producing 6 percent of Iran’s total agricultural products. The share of the province in the country’s industry, stands at 4.6 percent and with 8500 active industrial units, is ranked FIRST regarding the Investment value of industrial establishments. Isfahan is also promoting 17 projects for FDI, exceeding 290 million euros, in food and agriculture industries.

    Relying on the aforesaid advantages and the experience of holding 13 rounds of food industries exhibitions, Isfahan is to host 14th General Exhibition of Food Industries under the brand of INFEX2017+ in 2-5 November 2017.

    INFEX2017+ is to gather the key players in different sectors of Food Processing, Food Packaging, Food Storing, and Food Products to make a reliable source for potential buyers and investors. It will also support the suppliers to penetrate the “Iran after sanction” market.